So… Maybe tax evasion is okay?

I’ve always cackled at the “right-to-work” provision preventing non-union workers in union shops – those who otherwise receive union-negotiated pay and workplace benefits if not direct union support – from paying union dues. So let me get this straight – you get to enjoy most of the benefits of being in a union, but without actually paying for it?  Sign me up, brother! It’s like stealing a high-speed wireless signal from a neighbor too stupid to password-protect his router – a can’t lose proposition!

So it is, now, in Indiana, where Gov. Mitch Daniels has just signed a right-to-work bill into law.  I’ll leave it to others to either lament or praise the bill on economic grounds, but the logic of the dues provision always strikes me as absurd. Continue reading “So… Maybe tax evasion is okay?”

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