Protect DC’s tree canopy! C’mon, bros – it’s easy!

Fellas… FELLAS! May I call you fellas? Look, I know what it’s like…

It’s 3 a.m., the lights have come up at the sports bar – even though there’s a West Coast game still in progress! – and management is cranking Sinatra’s “New York, New York” to nudge you out the door. You look for the girl you’ve been macking on ALL NIGHT, but now she’s hanging on a guy wearing a blue cap and Schlitz t-shirt and shouting “Wright’s back, baby! Wright’s back!” in an endless loop. Continue reading “Protect DC’s tree canopy! C’mon, bros – it’s easy!”

Great, here’s another new hotel project… Coming soon to AdMo, U St., & the Olde Post Office

The Post yesterday threw up a video of a typically ebullient Donald Trump pimping his vision for the Old Post Office Pavilion, which someday, perhaps even soon, will transform into “one of the great hotels of the world, if not the best.” As always, Trump’s aiming high, and the Old Post Office building certainly looks the part of a dowager peeress in need of a facelift.  I haven’t been in there in a couple of years, but I recall that the payoff for enduring an out-of-place security check at the entrance was essentially two levels of a suburban strip mall wrapped around the site’s central atrium.  If you’re looking for MSG-infused foodstuffs, cut-rate souvenirs, and treats for tour groups wilting from the August sun, today’s iteration of the Old Post Office is just the spot for you.

So, yes, I applaud GSA’s effort to spruce up the place and Continue reading “Great, here’s another new hotel project… Coming soon to AdMo, U St., & the Olde Post Office”

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