Theater Resume

Comedy / Theater

Reasons for Leaving (Page to Stage) Actor Ryan Taylor
Endgame (Scene) Actor Natalia Gleason
Mothers and Sons (Scene) Actor Allison Turkel
Shopworn Writer / Producer Bryanda Minix
Thus Spake Cheeto Writer Vitaly Mayes
Remedial Sex Ed Writer Sarah Scafidi
Prison Break, Incorporated Actor / Writer / Producer Natalia Gleason
Monster Group House Writer Natalia Gleason
Ambien Date Night Actor Strother Gaines
Voyers Writer Ushma Parikh
Decades Actor / Improvisor Pamela Nash
No Sex, Please Actor / Writer / Producer Derek Hills
Story Showdown Actor Amy Saidman
Apocalypse Picnic Actor / Writer / Producer Stephanie Svec
e-Geaux (beta) Actor / Improvisor Amy Couchoud
Holiday Buffet Actor / Writer / Producer Orbit Chef Sketch
The Moth Storyteller Various
Story District Storyteller Various



Improvisation Washington Improv Theater (WIT) Washington, DC
Storytelling The Moth David Crabb
Storytelling Story District/SpeakeasyDC Vijai Nathan
Storytelling Story League Scott Shrake
Storytelling First Person Arts Elna Baker
Play Writing Theatre Lab Jeanette Buck


Physical Characteristics / Measurements

Height: 6′ 0″ Weight: 185 lbs Eyes: Brown
Hair Color: Black / Gray Hair Length: Short  

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