From Hot Mic with Dan Savage
Here’s how a lewd detour in Amsterdam led me to lose my virginity.


From Story District/SpeakeasyDC’s “Going Viral”
I discover that my younger brother – while being a total parasite – also has my back.


From Story District/SpeakeasyDC’s “Fifty Shades of Grey”
I had to overcome a lot, but I finally made it to first base in 11th grade.


From Story District/SpeakeasyDC’s “Boo!” Halloween Special
Here’s the play-by-play for an audition experience gone bust.


From Story League’s “The Powers that Be”

Every man’s dream – being on the jury for a murder trial in DC! Right?


From Story District/SpeakeasyDC’s “Curiosity Killed the Cat”
This is what it’s like when your dad kidnaps you to tell you about the birds and the bees.


From Story District/SpeakeasyDC’s “Sucker for Love 2”
I’m dragged onstage during a live sex show; days later, I break up with my girlfriend.


From Story District/SpeakeasyDC’s “Feast or Famine”
Suffer with me as I give up alcohol for lent.



The struggle to find jeans that fit around my misshapen ass.  From Better Said Than Done’s “All in the Family.”

My siblings’ quest to remove seven bean soup from our family’s dinner rotation.  From Story District/SpeakeasyDC’s “Til Death Do Us Part.”

The effort to expel the scofflaw Jason Kamras from my Dupont Circle group house.  From Story District/SpeakeasyDC’s “People’s District.”


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