We voted for Wealth Inequality in America

As a Yankees fan, I enjoy the paroxysms of hatred that my kind inspires in nearly everyone else who follows baseball.  Now let’s set aside for a second that Yankees fans are essentially arrogant dicks who couldn’t hit a fastball if it meant a million bucks.  And let’s forget, too, how they take credit for every Derek Jeter single and throw “we” around as if they personally contributed to every glowing accomplishment in Yankees history.  They’re not grammarians, you know?  They’re fanatics – high on mildewy successes from yesteryear and a gilded future that seems their birthright, never mind the team’s AARP-eligible roster, overpriced talent, and the sinking feeling that, maybe, the Yankees aren’t what they used to be.  Yet still… Continue reading “We voted for Wealth Inequality in America”

Back our hacks!

I’m bummed that, sometime by the end of this decade, all DC cabs will be red.  I suppose the tarty sheen will make the city’s wheezing fleet of 7,000 90s-era Crown Vics easier to spot among tourists and other out-of-towners – and perhaps inspire an end-times showdown with their slick-dick competitors, Uber, over a giant checkerboard in Dupont Circle – but this is one reform that I could do without.

But don’t lump me among nostalgia-prone pensioners just because I’m wary of this change.  Continue reading “Back our hacks!”

So… Maybe tax evasion is okay?

I’ve always cackled at the “right-to-work” provision preventing non-union workers in union shops – those who otherwise receive union-negotiated pay and workplace benefits if not direct union support – from paying union dues. So let me get this straight – you get to enjoy most of the benefits of being in a union, but without actually paying for it?  Sign me up, brother! It’s like stealing a high-speed wireless signal from a neighbor too stupid to password-protect his router – a can’t lose proposition!

So it is, now, in Indiana, where Gov. Mitch Daniels has just signed a right-to-work bill into law.  I’ll leave it to others to either lament or praise the bill on economic grounds, but the logic of the dues provision always strikes me as absurd. Continue reading “So… Maybe tax evasion is okay?”

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