I am not Tobias Funke: a walk down the doppelganger* trail…

Uh-oh – there it is again. That shimmying vapor that is the Hypnagogic Portal! Step though with me, friends, to see what lies on the other side… But be warned – the vapor is not without its hallucinogenic effects…!


Whoa! It’s Jason Bateman! But not the revitalized, culturally-relevant Jason Bateman from Arrested Development. No way. This is the Bateman from Silver Spoons, he of the swooping feathered hair and hellion mien that shuddered the hearts of moms everywhere during the Reagan ‘80s. That guy. I see him Continue reading “I am not Tobias Funke: a walk down the doppelganger* trail…”

My notebook habit…

A couple of weeks ago, a friend of mine gave me a pair of leather-bound notebooks.  “You’re a journal writer, right?”  I had to think about it for a second before offering a tentative “yes,” since I’m a journal writer more in concept than in practice.  I’m far more likely to watch a film or read a story about a journal writer than to actually sit down, crack open a new page, and put my pen to paper (or fingers to keypad, as it were) nowadays, such is the procrastination, lethargy, and outright dissipation that can dominate my existence.

But still, I accepted those notebooks, as if Continue reading “My notebook habit…”

Requiem for a cell phone…

Friends, it is with great sadness that I, today, report the passing of a dear, dear friend, a Siren, if you will, who had been my devoted accomplice for six long years.  Six – that’s longer than the average marriage, longer than Twinkies stay “fresh.”  And in that time, nothing – not Steve Jobs, not sneering hipsters, not even my achy left thumb – could persuade me to abandon my little, uh, “pocket companion.”  How she made my pants hum, how she stirred my very manhood to life with her insistent vibrations!!

“Take me – take me now,” she seemed to say, though I often ignored her, such was the degree of my selfish thrill-seeking.  “Finish me off,” I’d whisper.  “Papa will take care of you later, I promise!”  So, yeah, I’d give her some juice once in awhile Continue reading “Requiem for a cell phone…”

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