Storytelling with SpeakeasyDC: Going Viral

The video from my latest storytelling performance is now available!

Here’s the setup:  I’m a put-upon tweener, the oldest of five kids, and long for the day when I’m all grown up and those needy rug rats are out of my life.  I try to act big by hanging out with the older boys up the street, but I cross one of them and he destroys something that I hold very dear.  All is lost, and then a surprising person rises to my aid…


About Derek Hills

DEREK HILLS is a storyteller and playwright from Washington, DC. He performs regularly on the Story District/SpeakeasyDC and Story League stages, as well as Better Said Than Done, and has appeared in "Ambien Date Night," “e-Geaux (beta)," and his solo show "No Sex, Please" at the Capital Fringe Festival. His new one-act comedy, "Prison Break," is debuting at the 2016 Capital Fringe Festival in July.
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