The Virgin Diaries: check out my feature in the Washington City Paper

NoSexPleaseWEBI’ve been working hard on my one-man storytelling show, No Sex, Please, which premieres Friday, July 12 at the 2013 Capital Fringe Festival.  I’m very excited and can’t wait for the show to open – it covers my bumbling experiences with love and sex from my formative years on through to my mid-twenties.  Long story short:  I was a virgin until I was nearly 28-years-old.

Go here to learn more about the show and my process (read: struggle) to create it – AND WHAT IT ALL MEANS! – in my feature for the City Paper.

I’ve been storytelling for four years now and am grateful to everyone at SpeakeasyDC, Story League, and Better Said Than Done for helping me hone my craft and, more importantly, for their friendship.  After 17 years in DC, they’ve made the place new and I’m forever indebted.  Special thanks to Kevin Boggs, Chuck Na, Vijai Nathan, Jason Pittman, Joe Price, Scott Shrake, and Anne Thomas for their generosity and feedback over the past four months as No Sex, Please has gradually come together.


About Derek Hills

DEREK HILLS is a storyteller and playwright from Washington, DC. He performs regularly on the Story District/SpeakeasyDC and Story League stages, as well as Better Said Than Done, and has appeared in "Ambien Date Night," “e-Geaux (beta)," and his solo show "No Sex, Please" at the Capital Fringe Festival. His new one-act comedy, "Prison Break," is debuting at the 2016 Capital Fringe Festival in July.
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