Storytelling with SpeakeasyDC: Fifty Shades of Grey


Here’s the video from my most recent storytelling gig, in February.  It covers the tawdry events and psychic baggage that almost stopped me from getting to first base (for the first time, people!) when I was in 11th grade.  You can file it under “Triumph of the Human Spirit,” if you’re so inclined.  From SpeakeasyDC‘s Valentine’s Day show.  Cheers.

Thanks to Nick Newlin for posting the video!


About Derek Hills

DEREK HILLS is a storyteller and playwright from Washington, DC. He performs regularly on the Story District/SpeakeasyDC and Story League stages, as well as Better Said Than Done, and has appeared in "Ambien Date Night," “e-Geaux (beta)," and his solo show "No Sex, Please" at the Capital Fringe Festival. His new one-act comedy, "Prison Break," is debuting at the 2016 Capital Fringe Festival in July.
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