Tickets for SHOPWORN now on sale for Capital Fringe 2018!

SHOPWORN premieres in July at the 2018 Capital Fringe Festival

In this world-premiere satire, estranged brothers – a self-righteous Brooklynite and conservative oil worker – reunite at their mother’s funeral and inherit an antique store packed with offensive inventory. See what happens when they learn their identities stand on a foundation they can’t easily throw away.

Performance Schedule – TICKETS ON SALE NOW!

July 17 – 6:45 pm
July 19 – 7:00 pm
July 22 – 3:45 pm
July 26 – 6:45 pm
July 28 – 9:15 pm


ORANGE – Christ United Methodist Church
900 4th Street SW, Washington, DC 20024

Graphic Design by Garrett Oie / Photography by Bryanda Minix

This production is presented as a part of the 2018 Capital Fringe Festival, a program of the Washington, DC non-profit Capital Fringe.


‘I Killed My Mother’ is haunting and beautiful – and an apt commentary for our national moment

I Killed My Mother delivers a penetrating look into a young woman’s search for inner peace and happiness. It presents a world unstuck in time, where events from the past and present – and at moments, the future – freely intertwine and literally dance and sing courtesy of Natalia Gleason’s elegant direction on the Spooky Action stage. Continue reading “‘I Killed My Mother’ is haunting and beautiful – and an apt commentary for our national moment”

My Washington Post debut!

I finally cracked DC’s Paper of Record, courtesy of the Soloish blog. Click through the “More…” link to read the entire article.

It’s late October, and I’m holding a bottle of white shoe polish in the parking lot outside the reception hall. It’s time to decorate the newlyweds’ SUV. And since I went to an SEC school (Go Gators!), our friends believe I have the know-how to write something appropriate. But I’m taking too long. The sun’s going down, and soon the happy couple will drive off together for the first time as husband and wife.

I cycle through the wedding cliches, but “Happily Ever After” just doesn’t feel right. The cheekiest thing I can think of is “Go Steelers?” to reflect their mutual and then-dubious fandom. It’s not so romantic, but what do you say when you know a couple isn’t going to make it? (More…)

What’s Prison Break, Incorporated? Well, here’s a preview!

You’ve run marathons in Kuala Lumpur, did the half Ironman in Hawaii, and proved your mettle on the now-quaint Tough Mudder race course as well as its clones. But where to go for your next adrenaline rush? You check your social media feed in desperation, wondering if you’ve peaked as a weekend warrior athlete/IT project manager. But then you see it, between posts touting gun-lust and unfettered abortions… An advertisement for your next physical challenge… Prison Break! Continue reading “What’s Prison Break, Incorporated? Well, here’s a preview!”

The Chicago Blackhawks are not a dynasty

Wikipedia’s been updated, so I guess it’s official: the Chicago Blackhawks are a hockey dynasty. This, by virtue of their victory Monday against the Tampa Bay Lightning, which secured their third Stanley Cup title in six years. It’s without question an impressive achievement, all the more so in this era of 30 teams, free agency, and the salary cap. So the win certainly cements the ‘Hawks status as this decade’s finest hockey team. But I’m just not sure it also makes them a dynasty – yet. Continue reading “The Chicago Blackhawks are not a dynasty”

Remember the Brian Williams imbroglio? Here’s what he could learn from DC storytellers…

The commentariat loves gifts like the Brian Williams/RPG-gate saga as it allows for easy and unrestrained blogging. Just imagine their relief: What’s this, an esteemed cultural icon – one whose authority in IconLand stems from some pesky yet venerable notion of trust – has been caught fibbing at the expense of American soldiers??? Holy Walter Cronkite, get out the pitchforks because Brian Williams is obviously a giant lying bag of poo. Continue reading “Remember the Brian Williams imbroglio? Here’s what he could learn from DC storytellers…”

A laggard comment on the Lena Dunham hoo-hah controversy: a storyteller’s view

OK, so I ignored the headlines the first few days. I mean – really – Lena Dunham the child molester? To a codger like me, she’s practically a child herself. And as a busy IT professional doing the people’s work at US Customs & Border Protection, I don’t have time to follow the daily ebb and flow of rage among boosters and haters in Bloggerland, unless we’re talking Senate Majority Leader-elect Mitch McConnell. (Fear the Turtle, guys.) But with last Tuesday’s bloodbath election behind us and President Obama cowering behind the ramparts at Fort Lame Duck, I was surprised to see that the Dunham’s story was still in the news.

Could she really be a child molester after all? Continue reading “A laggard comment on the Lena Dunham hoo-hah controversy: a storyteller’s view”

Actual pre-election appeal to POTUS: Do you have my back, Barack?*

Barack — I can’t believe it, but another holiday season’s here and, with it, the iceball of half-truths and dirty tricks that are my in-laws’ calling card.

Won’t you send me $50 via PayPal?

Minutes ago, my wife Andrea revealed the text message that – without your help – will seal my holiday fate: “We [Lloyd and Harriet Goodwin of Clearwater] are getting ‘his and hers’ knee replacements,” courtesy of LivingSocial, on November 15. Before this revelation, I pegged my chances for a restful, in-law free, and home-bound season of thanks and Target/Jesus worship at roughly 95%, but the knee gambit has driven that figure into the low 50s – well within the margin of error for multiple unbudgeted and… let’s say “un-festive” journeys to Florida between now and December. “They need us,” my wife says, her eyes welling Continue reading “Actual pre-election appeal to POTUS: Do you have my back, Barack?*”

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